Welcome to Langport Counselling Practice

Cathy Harrison

Therapeutic counsellor and relationship specialist in Somerset

I realise that making the decision to come to counselling can be a difficult one, it may have been on your mind for sometime and eventually an event, a situation or living with anxiety, low mood or relationship issues can lead you to consider this option. We can live in a more comfortable way with ourselves, and so with the world around us.

After many years of involvement with counselling and through my work within mental health I greatly value the opportunity for change it can offer.

How I can help…

As an integrative therapist, I place the uniqueness of the client and the relationship we build together at the centre of our work.

I am always curious to know what’s driving your distress and together work towards lasting change

The feelings you bring and the history you have experienced will guide us. You may feel things seemingly strongly or disproportionality, we will look at what maybe driving this.

I am specially trained to work with couples and relationships, here we will look at untangling what maybe going on between you both and how what each of you brings to the relationship is in the mix.

My Experience

I have extensive experience working with people encountering various forms of distress for many years. I started in the Probation Service providing support services and pioneering the work of the Somerset Victim Support Scheme. I have worked for a mental health charity within their recovery hostel and with clients in the community.

Currently I work with couples and individuals such as; young adults, professionals, parents and adults in their middle years. I have extensive experience working with people who are encountering issues related to ageing and ill health.

I completed my clinical practice at Somerset Counselling Centre where I worked with a wide range of people both in age and issues.

Please call me on 07803 403778 to arrange an appointment or